SoSafe empowers organizations to build a security culture and turn their employees into active assets against security threats. Powered by behavioral science and smart algorithms, SoSafe's agile awareness programs are easy to deploy, scale, and fun to use.​. Learn more



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Total Funding$73.0m

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SoSafe Awareness is a cybersecurity startup that provides enterprise-level cybersecurity awareness training programs. The company operates in the cybersecurity market, serving global companies that are looking to strengthen their security culture and reduce human-related security risks.

The business model of SoSafe Awareness is based on offering a platform that enables companies to deploy and manage cybersecurity awareness programs with minimal implementation efforts. The platform includes features such as curated and gamified micro-learning, customization engine, and smart attack simulations. These features are designed to foster secure behaviors, deliver key insights, and provide impactful learning experiences.

SoSafe Awareness generates revenue by charging its clients for the use of its platform. The platform is designed to be scalable, allowing companies to easily and effectively scale their security culture. Additionally, the platform helps companies fulfill compliance across various frameworks, such as ISO/IEC-27001.

The company also offers a risk cockpit and strategic reporting tool that allows companies to monitor their risk and make data-informed decisions. This tool provides contextual data with technical and psychological KPIs, insights on key areas of improvement, and stakeholder dashboards for compliance tracking or program ROI.

In summary, SoSafe Awareness is a cybersecurity startup that provides a platform for companies to run cybersecurity awareness training programs. The company serves global companies, operates in the cybersecurity market, and generates revenue by charging for the use of its platform.

Keywords: Cybersecurity, Training Programs, Global Companies, Security Culture, Compliance, Scalable, Risk Monitoring, Data-Informed Decisions, Stakeholder Dashboards, Revenue Generation.

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