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The bina School

Digital primary school methodology (tech-infused pedagogy) made to deliver precisely the education children need - at scale. Learn more

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$6—8m ( estimates Aug 2021.)
Company register number HRB 230706 B (Charlottenburg (Berlin))
Berlin Germany (HQ)
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Total Funding$1.4m

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The Bina School is an innovative startup that provides full-time digital education for children aged 4 to 12. This global, accredited school offers a flexible learning environment that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, making it an ideal solution for families who value mobility and flexibility.

The Bina School operates in the online education market, serving a broad range of clients, including families who travel frequently, those who prefer home-schooling, or those who simply want a more personalized and flexible education for their children. The school's curriculum is designed to foster both academic and emotional growth, using a thematic learning approach that turns lessons into adventures. This unique approach to education not only helps children master academic subjects but also promotes emotional intelligence and global citizenship.

The Bina School's business model is based on providing paid online education services. It generates revenue through tuition fees paid by parents for their children's education. The school prides itself on its high-quality education, with performance surpassing US and UK averages and ranking in the top 8%.

In summary, The Bina School is a forward-thinking startup that leverages digital technology to provide a flexible, high-quality education that fosters both academic and emotional growth in children. It operates in the online education market, serving a global clientele, and generates revenue through tuition fees.

Keywords: Online Education, Global School, Digital Learning, Emotional Growth, Thematic Learning, Flexible Education, Academic Excellence, Home-schooling, Global Citizenship, Tuition Fees.

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